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You are invited to come and listen to Denise Sweeney, a cancer survivor, tell her story of hope and resilience. 

Denise is holding a number of talks, along the north coast of NSW, to support women who are experiencing a gynaecological cancer as well as raise awareness of the cancers to women who haven't experienced cancer, by talking about the risk factors and symptoms. 

Through her lived experience as well as having a Bachelor of Psychology Honours Degree she describes the strategies she used to help give her the best chance of surviving clear cell endometrial cancer. A rare and aggressive type of cancer that had a poor prognosis.

The strategies Denise talks about are self-talk, compartmentalisation, visualisation, relaxation, mindfulness, visual cues and a graded activity schedule.

Having hope gives you direction and helps you get through your treatment. Denise was given hope when she was offered treatment for ovarian clear cell cancer after she was told there was no treatment for endometrial clear cell cancer, her type of cancer. 

Denise also wants to lead by example by showing that it is possible to live a healthy and active life after you come out the other side of having cancer treatment. She is nearly 9 years post treatment which included major surgery, chemo and radiation.

People should come and listen to Denise talk because:

  1. She offers hope through her inspiring story
  2. She educates women about the risk factors and symptoms associated with gynaecological cancers that they need to be aware of
  3. She educates women about cancer screening

Her story is documented in her published memoir Steps to Survival Gynaecological Cancers: Raising Awareness and My Own Private Battle

 The Forward is written by Dr Geoff Otton, Gynaecologic Oncologist.

Denise is not affiliated with anyone or any organisation in conducting her talks. She does them independently and on a volunteer basis by the desire to help others.

Further information about Denise and her talks can be found at www.stepstosurvival.com.au


CWA Tea Rooms (Hall)

17-19 Horton Street Port Macquarie Port Macquarie-Hastings 2444, Australia

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Denise Sweeney
Cancer Survivor

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