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Life Drawing Art Classes

Suitable for Beginners to Intermediate

This 6 week class will workshop the practice of drawing the human figure from life. Students will study form, line, and expression using a variety of media and techniques.

You will receive teaching and support from a practising artist, working with props and a professional life model to develop your drawing skills and better understand how to represent the human form in your artwork.

What will be covered in the course

  • Basic principles of drawing from life
  • Structure and form
  • Perspective in the figure
  • Use of tone to create volume
  • Schematic shading techniques
  • Tonal orchestration

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should have:

  • an understanding of proportions of the figure
  • skills in how to measure the proportion of the figure
  • experimented with a variety of approaches to the human form
  • learned how to develop personal expression

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