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The most fundamental requirement for a manufacturing or distribution business is to deliver to customers what they want, in the right quantity, when and where they want it. If your customers cannot get this, they will go elsewhere. So, what are the secrets to achieving on-time-in-full delivery? Through a practical and fun Lego simulation game you will learn what goes wrong in typical international supply chains and how to fix it. 

Consisting of a warehouse, a simple manufacturing process and local and international suppliers, participants see how long lead times, inaccurate forecasts, unstructured replenishment and big batch sizes combine to drive excessive inventory, frequent shortages and poor on-time delivery. Through subsequent rounds of the simulation, participants map the supply chain and then apply Lean Thinking to improve performance. 

    The simulation and teaching included in this valuable workshop will include: 

  • ·The root causes of poor supply chain performance including high inventory, frequent shortages, expediting and poor on-time-in-full delivery.
  • ·How to remove waste and lead time from the supply chain
  • ·The role of forecasting in the supply chain – what it can do and what it can’t do.
  • ·How to use an extended value stream map to reduce lead time.
  • ·How to design supplier relationships that deliver for your business.
  • ·How to manage international supply chains.

The face to face workshop will provide you with guidance on how to determine the right quantity of inventory at each point of your supply chain, how to design a replenishment system that orders the right quantity of the right materials at the right time and the best role for ERP systems and other technology in managing your supply chain.

About the speaker: Tim McLean has spent 30 years helping businesses deliver “On Time In Full” to their customers. Firstly, as an Operations Manager and Supply Chain Director for major global corporations and more recently as a Lean consultant, keynote speaker and author, Tim has improved supply chains around the world. Tim’s recent book, On Time In Full, was published by renowned technical publisher, Productivity Press and has led to Tim being invited to present this workshop at the AME USA Conference in Boston, the world’s largest Lean Conference. 

This workshop is free and morning tea and lunch will be provided. Covid safe practices will be in place.

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Mingara Recreational Club

Mingara Drive Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261, Australia

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Frank Sammut
Central Coast Industry Connect Limited

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