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Bowel Group for Kids

Seminar Presentation

Getting To The Bottom Of It All.

Join us for an outstanding opportunity to hear from Gastroenterologist  Dr Reuben Jackson as he takes you on a journey to understand:

  • How the bowel works.
  • Identify problems and help you and your child develop a bowel management plan.
  • Develop practical strategies to manage your child’s everyday life.
  • Get the best tips and best practice ideas

This will be a dynamic, focused session in which you will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of meeting your child’s needs.

Meet the organisers, discuss issues facing your child

and learn from the best in the field of gastroenterology

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$5.00 donation at the door to cover light refreshments. 

Prince of Wales Private Hospital


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Julie & Eunice
Bowel Group for Kids

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