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Sound Attunement 

Taking you on a journey into Self Mastery and your Divine truth.

Truly unique, powerful & transformational experience.

Within this sacred space, you receive personalised attunements and guidance for your Light Body, Soul & Consciousness.

An absolute divine experience of being bathed in sound as Trish works the sound instrumentals individually around you several times throughout the session.

With her unique gift of speaking Soul Languages, Trish speaks & sounds directly to your soul.

This is truly Heart Language, touching you at a very deep level, guiding you home to your true self.

These Divine Languages  hold within their very high vibrational frequencies sacred encodements that not only assist your body & soul to awaken and align to the current increasing shifts in consciousness but also have amazing effects on the DNA/cellular body. These energy words and sounds are used to code your body directly into the Light.

Attunements received within the group medium are very potent, as it amplifies the energetic power of what is individually received.

This is a seated session, as Trish needs to be able to move around each participant easily throughout the session as they receive their individual treatments.

  • Guided Sound Meditation – A visual journey accompanies your sound experience
  • Sound Bath – Shamanic Drum, Rattles, Gong, Himalayan & Crystal bowls, Chimes, Rainstick & Light percussion
  • Cleansing, healing & balancing of your auric field & chakras
  • Vocal sounding of Trish’s pure and angelically guided voice
  • Group Soul Song channelled through ‘Soul Languages’
  • Receive a translated channelled message through Divine Source in ‘Soul Languages’

Benefits: Create a more balanced life, feelings of joy; awaken you to your gifts of service; gain more perspective and clarity; deep healing at a cellular level

Being that this is an ‘attunement’ it is beneficial to have ongoing regular sessions. This keeps us all energetically and physically aligned, balanced, integrated and in a healthy state of wellbeing. Like have a monthly Divine ‘tune up’

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Sound Hub

33 Nedland Crescent Port Noarlunga South Onkaparinga 5167, Australia

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Organiser Information

Trish Blythman
Integration for Life
0412 612 447

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