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Joely Boy's got some TAKES. He doesn't know if he should. It's very difficult to know what you actually think, if you're right, if you're an idiot, if you should shut up, or if actually maybe you are right and it's everyone else who should shut up. Joel Batham is a smart boy [citation needed] who thinks a lot about things he may not actually be qualified to talk about. But maybe he is? Is anybody qualified to talk about anything? Does it matter? This is a show about opinion, that looks at a range of issues from only one, probably somehow quite biased angle. Nobody should talk about anything, so he may as well anyway.

Joel Batham is a comedian and sometime podcaster (Two Woke Boys) who has been a part of successful Brisbane Fringe Festival and Bris Funny Fest shows over each of the past three years alongside some of Brisbane comedy's best and brightest. "Please Don't Listen to Me" is his first solo show.

"Charmingly hilarious" - Weekend Notes

"Hilariously whimsical" - Scenestr

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