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HEYA Comedy and Bris Funny Fest present: Ambien Excuses, an hour of stand-up comedy written and performed by Andrew Dawson.

We've all done things we're not proud of, but Andrew Dawson has probably done more than average. A lot more. And the excuses are starting to wear thin.

Ambien Excuses is Andrew Dawson's debut solo festival show. A show about the disparity between the kind of person we want to be, and the kind of person we actually are - and the excuses we comfort ourselves with.

Join Andrew as he shares the life lessons he's learned the hard way, as well as the mental gymnastics he performs in a futile effort to justify a plethora of questionable choices. Stories from growing up in Tasmania (which wasn’t his fault), to that time he ended up on an episode of Highway Patrol (he was a victim of circumstance), and the pitfalls of trying to bribe Israeli soldiers to cross a border (there was no sign saying that it was illegal).

“charms you into a false sense of security before sucker-punching you with his irreverent wit.” – Weekend Notes

"…Andrew Dawson…" - Sydney Morning Herald

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