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Budding Comics. Comedy so fresh that their friends and family still come to see them perform.

After a sold out show at last year's Bris Funny Fest, Budding Comics is back! Like a tree transferred from a pot into the garden, they are growing bigger and stronger, and have brought a few blossoming saplings along with them.

But a growing garden needs more room to breathe. A home reno show has given Budding Comics a makeover, and split the expanding line up into two garden beds, one in the front yard, and the other in the back. Translation: we're doing two nights this year instead of one.

Each night will be a nurturing mix of our own proprietary blend of original top soil and vibrant new sod, sprinkled with plenty of organic fertiliser. I guess you could say that our comedians are very down to earth.

Our original seven comedians are branching out, hoping for another taste of that sweet sunlight before they start to become jaded and withered. Our new seven comics have exploded on to the scene, and will be spreading their roots in search of that life-giving nutrient, laughter.

These 14 comics have been delighting open mic audiences for three years or less (which in comedian years is basically still starting out) and are eager and hungry to find an audience of their very own. If they can endure open mic rooms making half-drunk audiences laugh when they don't realise there'd be a comedy show on, imagine what they can do when they draw their own crowd! 

Budding Comics: which night will sell out first?

Wednesday, August 15th
Budding Comics: The Return, Part I: Return From The (Garden) Bed
(MC) Marcus Davis: Marcus is a RAW Comedy QLD State Finalist, has appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and worked with the Vatican. 

Steven Hollamby: Steven's deadpan delivery sets him apart and will not prepare you for his hilarious tales of drug dealers and floundering about in minimum wage monotony. 
Red Nevin: Red is a fresh, new comic who performs regularly around Brisbane and under-performs regularly in sexual congress.
Kay Chu: Don't let Kay Chu's sweet nature fool you - this Russian bombshell can be just as dirty as any male comic and isn't afraid to talk about the real issues (like how drinking makes her a better parent)
Jonny Haselam: Jonny has entertained thousands along the Glitter Strip at multiple theme parks, has been the feature of a documentary, and is a RAW Comedy QLD State Finalist.
Pello Pelling: Pello uses her holidays to impose upon open mic rooms both nationally and internationally, including gigs in Montreal and Toronto in Canada and most recently in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she had to fight it out amongst a line up of 43 open mic'ers...
Mark O'Connell: Mark is an emerging Irish comedian who likes to provide running commentary on everything from the magnificent to the mundane.

Nick Carr: Nick is a two time state Raw Comedy Finalist, has supported Troy Kinne, hosted a strip-club’s 3rd birthday and performed internationally including at the Koh Samui International Podcast Festival Gala, but not all at the same time.

Thursday, August 16th
Budding Comics: The Return, Part II: In Bloom
(MC) Adam O'Sullivan: Adam has performed at the Brisbane Comedy Festival and at open mics in London (UK), Edmonton (Canada) and Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia).
Bob Condon: Laughter Instigator - *Conditions Apply
Jessica Sharrock: Jessica is a MICF RAW QLD semi-finalist, cat lover, and hummus enthusiast. 

Claire Morrissey: Claire is a regular swear bear who delights audiences with her pink Flying V ukulele and songs about her children, her husband, anal and how much she hates cats. 

Emi Grace: Emi may dress like a unicorn, but she is most definitely real - and her comedy songs earned her a spot in this year's RAW Comedy QLD final.
Dorothy May: Dorothy once got a Pap smear and is really proud of herself. She also thought that 'prostrate' was the lady version of 'prostate'.

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