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“Santa Claus is real”

“You’re going to be an astronaut when you grow up”

“Sure, I can work unsupervised.”

We’ve all told lies but some of us are better at it than others. Andy Thompson has told more than one or two pork pies and he likes to think he’s good at telling a tall tale. From trying to impress onlookers to avoiding a smack in the chops, Andy has often let words tumble freely from his mouth. The Time I Punched a Stegosaurus to Pluto is a collection of yarns told by one of Brisbane’s favourite story tellers. After a sold out run at the 2017 Bris Funny Fest and the 2018 Sit Down Fringe, Andy is returning to the stage with a new solo show about why we lie, the ramifications of talking before thinking and why he possibly can never set foot in Whanganui ever again. 

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