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Millennials are often told they're lazy, and will do anything to get out of a bit of hard work, and quite frankly, I agree. For example, they've paid me $20 to write a brief of their shamble of a play, which features playwright Finbar Martinez-Bennett (who names their child Finbar??), Angus Mcleod, Will Lambert and Izzy Iovenitti. To be honest, I think I could put whatever I wanted in this brief and they wouldn't pull me up on it because they're even too lazy to even proofread. Brobdingnagian. Flabbersnatch. Pauline Hansen has a diverse range of well thought out and rational opinions. Anyway, back to the point. So the play is all about cliches and stereotypical Aussie characters, and if you're a basic teen get ready to feel attacked by this relatable content. It's a play by millennials, and for millennials, although older folk will be able to appreciate the clever use of satire, even if it is surrounded by an air of unpreparedness. There is also a bonus act by comedian James Kehoe, which will be guaranteed to be full of laughs. Even though the cast is a bunch of half-wits, I can guarantee that you'll be falling of your chair at the utter stupidity and pandemonium that this short, but sweet play possesses. 

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