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We are giving birth for real this time! But this time its an album! Coming to you from our collective wombs, come grab a copy whilst its still covered in goo!

DWEEB CITY an all girl magical space band from the dweebiverse, with hopes of making ears bleed and knees weak with wobbly beatz. We came with dreams of Eurovision greatness, but an arena spectacular will have to do.

We shall be joined by our musical best friends, earthlings, wizards of wonk and gold star champions A+ + + +

Toy Death:

Cult circuit bending humanoids, Super Dad, Agent Orange and Dr Bitey are coming for your childhood toys, breaking beats so wonky you shall be left with joy leaking out your nose and ears.


The retrofuturist dream pop project of Liam O'Shea, sonic-manipulator/guitar-wrangler/piñata-smasher/beatz-wizard extraordinaire. Come see him live to hear selections from his unpredictable debut album PSYCHIC CROSSTALK which will surely send you spinning.

Remy Phillipps:

Remy Phillipps has a lot of pedals and almost as many songs about his feelings which both pale in comparison to his dance moves. Remy has never had a dance lesson. Remy does not feel entirely comfortable writing about myself in third person

Bring your piggy bank to have your ears delighted by Compact disk memories of your alien friends, hammers will be provided to dismember.

Dweeb City's Debut album: $15

Online Ticket: $20 (+bf)

Door Ticket: $25