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Masters of India ~ Murwillumbah Meal & Music


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Soul Sangeet presents the Master of India.

A one off world class event that will colour your mind with intoxicating melody and rhythms.“Sangeet is sound or music in ancient Sanksrit and follows a deep belief of spirit in sound”. Based on Indian classical music with a depth of knowledge and cultural understanding that has been passed down from generation to generation.Welcoming International Indian Maestros Sangeet Mishra who is an 8th Generation Sarangi player from Varanasi India & Hindole Majumdar a World Renowned Tabla player of India and abroad. Supported byAustralia’s leading Sitarist Saikat Bhattacharya & Shivam Rath on the chattarangi A.K.A Crystal Slide.Shivam has adopted the use of the 22 string fusion Slide guitar with a Himalayan Crystal Ball for added grace and tone and attempts to bridge the western and eastern world through this symbolic instrument and his musical sound.

World Class Indian Music & Cuisine
Welcoming International Indian Maestros
Sangeet Mishra 8th Generation Sarangi & Hindole Majumdar World Renowned Tabla
Soul Sangeet Promises a World Class Event of Soulful Rhythm & Raga (melody)
where Spiritual Devotion meets Masterful Skill at its finest degree.
Supported by Australia’s leading Sitarist Saikat Bhattacharya & Shivam Rath A.K.A Crystal Slide.

Buffet – Vegetarian – Ayurvetham – More than Curries – Idea of Balance – Art of Living a Good Life – Bharatha Culinary – Six Basic Flavours for Pleasure – Sambhar, Parupu, Klombu, Rice, Vada, Coconut Chutney, Chilli & Spinach Fritters, Rasam, Dayer

Meals served from 5pm till 7pm.

Music from 7 - 9 pm with Individual and dual instrumental performances of the highest musical quality.

 Note :  Pre-Sold Tickets ONLY ( Seats are Limited 50 ) .

$50 – Music and Meal Set for Marvellous Evening. 

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Each artist will be performing a solo unique to their instrument & also connected to the mystical world of Raga, culminating in a group ensemble finale. All artists have been touring nationally and internationally and are guarantee to take you on a mystical musical journey. Be prepared for rhythm and melody at the finest degree!

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