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Have you ever wonder what is the Pineal Gland, where is located and what is for?
Have you ever felt disconnected from everything and not knowing how to reconnect again?
Have you ever felt the presence of angels in your life?
Introduction to the Pineal Gland

Learn and discover:
*Scientific facts behind the Pineal Gland Activation.
*The diference between Activating and only stimulating the Pineal Gland.
*History, research and current knowledge and theories about the Pineal Gland.
*The importance of living a connected life.
*The discovery of the Angels of Paniri.
and more...

Join our group of like minded people and learn more about the benefits of the Pineal Gland.
Find more about the practical uses of the Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland.
Experience a higher level of connection with your inner resources.

Introduction to the Pineal Gland

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The Leela Centre

2nd Floor/113-115 Oxford Street Darlinghurst Sydney 2010, Australia

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Veronica Sanchez
Cyclopea Method Australia

Cyclopea Method Australia

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