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The Health Australia Party proudly presents an 11 part Health & Lifestyle webinar series. With an amazing line up of presenters, we are sure you'll learn practical tips to help your family sustain a healthier lifestyle.

In this series, you will receive instant access to a recording of:

1. Therese Kerr: Women's Health - Thyroid, PCOS, weight issues, infertility & how to prevent aging.

2. Nicole Bijlsma: Electromagnetic Radiation - Is it damaging your health?

3. Sharon Whiteman: Lyme Disease - Treatment, diagnoses & controversy in Australia

4. Dr. Damian Kristof: Crack Your Stress Code - The impacts of food, lifestyle & the environment on your DNA

5. Dr. Brett Hill: Nourish without nagging - How to get your kids to LOVE eating healthy

6. Dr. Peter Dingle: Overcoming Illness - Inflammation, toxicity & reclaiming your health

7. Leiah Golden: Homeopathic First Aid for Children - Treating common illness at home

8. Anth & Crystal: Thriving food for optimal health - The truth about GMO's and the importance of organic whole foods

9. Kirsty Wirth: Gut Health: MTHFR, parasites & food fermentation 

10. Laura A'Bell: Introduction to Aromatics - supporting great health with Aromatherapy 

11. Associate Professor Kylie O'Brien together with Professor Ian Brighthope: Medicinal Cannabis: Research, benefits & laws in Australia (audio file).

All funds raised support the Health Australia Party's upcoming election campaigns. Please note: Our presenters have been selected for their expertise in their field but are not representatives or affiliates of the Health Australia Party. 

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