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Cavelle Monck, Principal of Mt Lawley Primary school will be presenting on the identification of gifted students 6pm-7pm.

Melinda Gindy, Vice President of AAEGT (Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted & Talented) will be presenting on building positive and collaborative partnerships between schools and parents in relation to gifted and talented students 7pm-8pm.

Collaboration, Communities and Gifted Children: Is all that talk really necessary?

Advocacy. The associated context often comes with a range of preconceived notions, many of which are strong and negative. The Macquarie Dictionary defines advocacy as 'to plead in favour of; support or urge by argument...'. The very definition of the word can manifest into the wrestling of the stake-holders in the life of gifted children. Should such stake-holders become locked into a parent verses teacher or a teacher verses parent relationship, the effectiveness in working collaboratively gives way to a preventative boundary; depriving the gifted child of the best possible outcome for their education. Research indicates that effective, responsive, well-planned home/school partnerships and communication produces numerous positive results for all involved. By developing an understanding and appreciation for the roles, expertise and experience that parents, teachers, students and the wider community can collectively contribute to a gifted child's education, a constructive approach breaks down the boundaries of advocacy and produces constructive collaboration.

Mount Lawley Primary School


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