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Sam often thinks he's helping. Even when he's not.

But then again, so do most people.
The vast majority of Sam's role models have wound up to be absolute dirtbags, and the ones that haven't have punched him in the face. This is a show about discovering whose helping you and whose helping themselves.

Also I'm aware the cover photo/poster is off centre so before you go making your snide remarks about my genuine ineptitude when it comes to computers know that I've tried over 13 times to fix it. It can't be fixed. It won't be fixed, no matter how much I've tried. This is also a theme in the show so ignore the cover photo and just come see it.

"Gleefully harpooning and full of offbeat charm." SCENESTR
"Race, youth, drugs... he'll play it with smarts." Adelaide Advertiser 

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