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Jezebel 5pm / Lecture About Bad Music 7pm Friday 14 December

Your ticket gets you into BOTH sessions.

Come and hear the fruits of the Hatched Academy Composers' Summer School in the heart of the Inner West.

FRIDAY 5pm – Jezebel
Performances by Hatched Summer School composition participants Joe O’Connor (Vic), Samantha Wolf (Vic), Josten Myburgh (WA), Jakob Bragg (Vic), Solomon Frank (NSW) and Kirsten Milenko (NSW/Denmark) along with mentors Matthew Shlomowitz, Cathy Milliken, Amanda Cole and members of Ensemble Offspring.

Cathy Milliken –Memorial (free instrumentation) 15′
Andrew Ford – Jezebel for soprano & percussion 13′
James Saunders – Everybody Do This (free instrumentation) 14′
Amanda Cole – Orbital Resonance for flute, clarinet, violin, piano, percussion 8’

FRIDAY 7pm – Lecture About Bad Music

Cathy Milliken – Objects for voice & piano 14′
Matthew Shlomowitz – Lecture About Bad Music for violin, clarinet, keyboard, electric guitar & narrator 40′

Matthew Shlomowitz (narrator) 
Jane Sheldon (soprano)
Cathy Milliken (voice)
Zubin Kanga (piano/keyboard)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Véronique Serret (violin)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Joe Fallon (electric guitar)

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