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Sound Healing Meditation :: FULL Moon in TAURUS

Bask in the luscious Full Moon energy of Taurus
as you create a sensual paradise on earth.
A deep, earthy, divine time to merge the spiritual with the physical.
Get in touch with your senses and connect to what is happening in the present moment.
Consider what has come to fruition in your life.
All you need to live life to the fullest is inside yourself.
Inner peace lights the way to illuminate your journey ...

Come along and share the joy!
Experience deeply restorative relaxation on all levels of being.
Let go of false beliefs and behaviours and come home to yourself.

Ground yourself in ritual and discover your own deep wisdom as you bathe in the sublime sounds of bronze gongs and singing bowls, recalibrating your nervous system, relieving tension and refreshing your mind.

The sound of the gong stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest function).
The sonic vibrations of these ancient instruments of sound help to clear negativity and old habits leaving you open for new ideas to emerge. The mind becomes clearer, emotions more balanced, strengthens nerves and restores energy.
Therapeutic sound healing has been found to alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia, overactive mind, glandular imbalances and many more health conditions.
Through achieving an altered state of consciousness (ASC) blood pressure and heart rate are lowered as pleasure hormones are released into the bloodstream bringing bliss and sweet surrender.

Please bring a light shawl to cover yourself during deep relaxation and water to drink ~ whatever you need to be completely comfortable

Full Moon Gong Bath Relaxation Sound Healing
at Prana Yoga Studio in BATHURST
Sunday 28 October

A limited number of 1:1 therapeutic sound healing opportunities are also available this weekend -
please contact Jan or Christine for more details and to book.

Jan : 0423 205 801
Christine : 0410 289 519

Prana Yoga Bathurst

Heaths Lane Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

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Jan Green / Christine Goodman
Prana Yoga
Jan 0423205801 / Christine 0410289519

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