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Always fancied doing an overnight hike but don’t have the gear? Well, now’s your chance. And, not only will your dream of spending a night in the bush come true, but you get to raise money for kids in need at the same time. Boom.

Emu Trekkers is Australia’s first not-for-profit trekking organiser, running hikes in the Blue Mountains. All of Emu Trekkers’ guides are volunteers who have serious outdoors stoke - just like you. And all profits from the hikes go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

We think Emu Trekkers is pretty damn awesome, which is why we’re teaming up with them to offer you lot - our epic We are Explorers tribe - our very own overnight group hike in the Blue Mountains.

For just $255.48 (every cent of profit goes to charity) you get:

  • A two day adventure that’ll get you hooked on overnight hiking and camping
  • All of your camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, backpack, cooking gear, first aid equipment etc)
  • All food - that’s two lunches, dinner, and brekkie
  • Knowledgeable and super passionate guides
  • National Parks entrance and camp fees
  • Purified water
  • That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something good for the world
  • The smug knowledge that you’ve just helped fund up to 20 culturally appropriate books for remote indigenous communities

So, where are we going?

On this two day adventure, we’ll be hiking deep into the depths of the Blue Gum Forest in the UNESCO World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park, where we’ll be setting up camp for the night.

With gushing waterfalls, views that go on forever, secluded forests, and wild rivers you’ll be in for an incredible adventure, right in the heart of one of Australia’s best wilderness areas.

New to the whole overnight hiking and camping thing? No worries. Emu Trekkers’ experienced guides are ready to show you everything you need to become an intrepid, eco-friendly explorer.

All you need is a good level of fitness (the hike is challenging with some steep ups and downs) and an attitude ready to embrace the unknown.

What are you waiting for?

Only 10 spaces available!

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If you need to cancel, that's ok... shit happens! To provide you with a refund however, we will need a minimum of two weeks notice. If you contact us later than that to cancel, we're sorry but we wont be able to help you.

We do run these events a few times a year though, so in some cases we may allow you to use your ticket at one of the other events. We reserve the right to allow or deny this however (if you're outside of the two weeks notice period), as we would need to be confident we could fill your space.

If you're stuck, get in touch with Ellie as soon as you can at blnolan@gmail.com.

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Blue Mountains (exact location TBC)


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Brooke Nolan
We Are Explorers
0423 764 124

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