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SG Partners Super Sales Clinic March 13 & 14 2012

Do you or are there people within your organisation that need to grow sales, meet budgets, provide customer service?

What would happen if you or your people could engage even better to create better outcomes, such as:-

  • Create even more revenue opportunities created
  • Negotiate Higher margins
  • Create better win/win outcomes
  • Manage customer expectations even better
  • Creating long term, consistent business streams

Whether you or they are in direct sales, sales engineering roles, internal or customer service roles, "Super Sales Clinic" will improve, enhance and create an even better outcome for you and your team.

Do you want to know:-

  • How to Get Your Customers to Spend More Money 
  • 8 Ways to Sell Against a Lower Price
  • 5 Things to Say to Win Over a Customer
  • 6 Essential Rules for Closing Deals
  • The 8 Most Crucial Sales Skills
  • Quick Fixes to Make Your Clients Happier

When: March 13 and 14th
Where: Brisbane


Wait there is more, from some last workshops this is the feedback we received.

A bit of an update with my sales success from the Sales Clinic:

A $120k sale with a margin increase of 14% compared to a normal sale of this product  - tools utilised - being more flexible, asking more questions to identify what was important to them and the most important, eliminated them going to market for any other quote.

Additional sales of $100k throughout the month with increased margins and now repeat business - being more people to more people and building rapport and gaining complete trust quicker.

Not a bad return on investment!!!!!!

I am very excited about becoming an "even better" sales professional as I develop the skills further. Simon

Here are some testimonials from previous workshops

"I recommend SG Partners because I thought I knew what I was doing but I was wrong and SG Partners helped me work that out.' Sales Person, CQMS Razer.

"The workshop gave me some great practical techniques and I was really impressed with the trainer's understanding of the client buying thought process". Peter

"The content and interaction was outstanding - the presentation was not only practical but delivered in practical language! I now have the tools and understanding to be better at customer service". Graeme

We already have people interested, places will be limited to 20.  So book your place NOW.

We look forward to seeing you and your people there.

PS> If attending this workshop increases customer loyalty and improves revenue and profit, SG Partners will be held liable.

PPS> Attendance at this workshop will improve how you interact with people, it will improve your sales process, it will improve how your clients think of you.


Do you want to be the trusted advisor in the shortest period of time?

Do you want to shorten your sales cycle?

Would you like to learn the 4 sales questions guarenteed to generate more opportunities?

Would you like to know the 6 qualifying questions that will improve your win/loss ratio?

Would you like to learn the 3 questions that would have people eating out of your palms?

Then BOOK NOW. There will never be a right time, there will always be something else to do BUT if you do not grow, improve yourself then how will the results you are being held accountable for change.



Ballymore Herston QLD 4000, Australia

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Michael Lang
SG Partners
07 3852 5454

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