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People are one of the most common subjects to photograph, great portraits are not quite as common. Why? Creating a great portrait is much more than taking a photograph of somebody. 

A portrait often shows people more about the person than just what they look like. The portrait can show a person's personality, who they are, what they are all about; it can show the environment around them to tell you where they are, what they do or what they are experiencing; it can set a time and place to show them as part of an event. A great portrait is more than a likeness of a person, it can allow the viewer see into the soul of a person or create a different persona for a subject. A good portrait photographer can create magic.

Introduction to Portrait photography will teach you - 
  • the 3 fundamentals of great portraits
  • how to evaluate your subject
  • tips to getting your subjects to relax
  • posing people to look and feel comfortable
  • why lighting effects your images
  • how to use to flatter people
  • about creating emotional connections in your photos
  • to add variety to your photos in an efficient way

The workshop uses a mixture of demonstration, instruction and practical shooting to reinforce the skills and concepts taught. All done in a small group to allow individual attention from your tutor and  plenty of opportunities to take photos.

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