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B Movies: Live is back!

Four actors. Eight movies. Four nights of mayhem at Brisbane’s best underground nook for coffee and drinks - Bean Cafe. Grab a drink and park yourself on the edge of the action as the cast parodies some of the worst movies ever made! From 50s sci-fi bugfest THE WASP WOMAN to 70s post-apocalyptic car race flick DEATH RACE 2000, there'll be a double feature every Thursday throughout October. It's a different pair of films each week, so come and see them all!

Classic horror fans can revel in a spine-tingling double feature of HORROR EXPRESS and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM in a special Halloween show, complete with musical numbers, low-budget special effects and audience interaction - and that’s just the beginning. Rub shoulders with the cast before and after the show as they portray some of the greatest hams in the business - if you’re lucky, you might leave with a signed headshot or a bit part in the film itself!

Your ticket price ($20) includes one of Bean’s wide range of high-end beers, ciders and more - or swap the booze out for a soft drink or coffee!

Produced by Kristian Fletcher, Brisbane’s long-reigning Prince of Retro and curator of the Rocky Horror floorshow nights, retro dance parties and cult cinema events, B Movies Live promises to be a raucous satire of the last century of cinematic slop - a great night out for film buffs and party animals alike.

B Movies: Live first came to life at the 2016 Anywhere Theatre Festival, playing a sold-out run at Padre Bar in a tinfoil-padded parody of sci-fi flop FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER and a tour to Melbourne’s “Hot!Hot!Hot!” theatre festival.

Reviewers said:

“Cult fun (Cosplay outfits optional)—a must-see for B-movie fans, and a fun evening for couples and groups.” - Catherine Laurence, Anywhere Festival reviewer.

“B-Movies Live! is one of those truly quirky productions that makes me proud to be in Brisbane right now.” - Nahima Kern, The Creative Issue

Thursday 4 October - THE WASP WOMAN (1959) and KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS (1977)
Thursday 11 October - DEATH RACE 2000 (1974) and BRONX WARRIORS (1982)
Thursday 18 October - VALLEY OF THE GWANGI (1979) and THE LOST WORLD (1925)

All shows run 7:30pm - 10pm



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Willem Whitfield
B Movies: Live

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