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An Ignite event is a series of five-minute presentations. Speakers provide 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds, resulting in a fast-paced talk that is loaded with ideas. As the Ignite slogan states “Enlighten us, but make it quick”

Ignite is also about having fun, and showing that presentations don’t need to be about “death by PowerPoint”.

Ignite® Talks are now being re-launched in Brisbane


Sarifa Younes - "Love your obstacles" 

The purpose in life can only be realised through lot of meaningful obstacles in your journey. If we are not faced with obstacles and challenges, we become weak, stale, stagnant and vulnerable. I want to encourage the world and the people who are victims of their circumstances to love their obstacles. They could turn those obstacles into opportunities for their advantage to venture their BIG dreams.

Roula Selinas - "Is Cancer Good for You? "

The storms of life will hit all of us. Life throws us unexpected hurdles. No matter how hard things get, if we persist, we can find the strength, courage and hope to get through adversity and start anew. You can achieve and overcome anything you set your mind to.

Nicholas King - "Discovering your Life Purpose "

Our uniqueness as evidenced by the distinctiveness of our eyes, fingerprints and facial features provide us evidence that we are one-off masterpieces and that we are created to fulfill a purpose. Living in our purpose allows us to become the most fulfilled, enlightened and prosperous version of ourselves. How do we know what our purpose is? What can we look for in our lives as evidence to point us towards the purpose we need to fulfill? My message will provide practical tools to help people understand how they can find their purpose and start their journey to working in it.

Kerri Speyers - "Fear"

The definition of Hell:- When you get to the end of your life and come face to face with the person you could have been, if only FEAR hadn't held you back. Where is fear holding you back? Where are you living small?

Thomas Krafft - "Hercules "

On a sand bank on Stradbroke lays a shipwreck. Forgotten, unmarked but fascinating. Without it, Brisbane would not be thee city we know today and it's story is colourful and complex. It has taught me that everyone has a life and a a story as complex and as fascinating as my own, and as complex and as fascinating as that of any shipwreck.

Hassan Younes - "Complacency Kills"

Complacency has a detrimental effect on our everyday lives, health, business matters and personal development. I will bring awareness to my audience that complacency if taken lightly and ignored does kill dreams, ambitions, careers, businesses and can even kill people!

Erik Bigalk - "5 P's of Thought Leader"

Understand the fundamental building blocks of positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field, learn how to get media space for you and your brand for free, obtain the media marketing blueprint for your business and realize how you can be recognised as the thought leader you truly are.

Michael Bennett - "UNBELIEVE – REDREAM "

Be the A-List actor your daydreams deserve

Dream Guard, Professional Comedian, Ex Stunt-man, and Inspirational Entertainer Michael Bennett, understands it is not about what he says on stage but how his messages land and make his audience feel. It's about sharing stories of overcoming life's challenges in a unique, engaging and fun way to help people develop the skills they will need to build resilience and overcome any adversity they may be faced with while improving their mental health and well-being. With his comedy, unique ballooning, magic and public speaking skills, Michael inspires people of every walk of life to UNBELIEVE negative thought patterns and REDREAM so they can live their life to their full potential and pursue a life of happiness. “Happiness is the gateway to fulfillment”. 

 Murray Altham - "Winning Well-being "

With 2019 on the horizon, instead of squeezing your health and well being into when you have time, why not put your health and well-being at the center of your life and watch your time multiply.

Marayke Jonkers - "Disabling limiting beliefs around ability"

The disruptive idea is that disability has nothing to do with wheelchairs or physical impairments but to do with the physical environment and the attitude of people towards disability - Through history from ancient Egypt to now, disability has enhanced society - anyone heard of Alexa or Siri ?(they invented assistive technology) . .

Kat JY Chen - "How to be an adult"

My story how to be an adult.What are the key destinations between a child and an adult? Have you ever met that 45 year old who behaves like 10 year old? And what about that 10 year old with wisdom of an old soul. How to be an awesome adult... More importantly - do you want to? Discovery the 3 key ingredients to be an awesome adult today!

Jill Annear - "Leading Well – the powerful combination of wellbeing and leadership."

Discover the 6 Pillars designed to help you be well and lead well.

Graham Cairns - "Osiris or Osmosis: how we teach – even by accident"

Whether we mean to or not, we are mentors to those around us – so we need to think about what we are passing on.

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Ignite Brisbane
Ignite Brisbane

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