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This Ausdance NSW event is part of our Professional Arts Learning Series for Teachers. This all-day workshop is specially designed for primary and school teachers (generalist or specialist Dance/PE/music /Drama/PDHPE or other, K-6) and is aligned to the NESA Standards for proficient teachers.

Primary Creative Arts will be facilitated by Kei Akida

Kei has worked with independent artists such as Sue Healey, Murasaki Penguin, Jennie Feyen and companies like Opera Australia while also teaching dance to children. Her interest in working with children led her to undertake further training as an AMI Montessori primary teacher. She has been working as a lead teacher, guiding the learning of lower primary children since 2011. Kei undertakes ongoing professional development as a teacher as well as in the field of dance. Her most recent professional development in the area of dance has been with Bangarra Dance and Ausdance (both 2017). Since 2017 Kei has also been a member of the Art Gallery of NSW Teachers Collective that meets once a term to review and offer advice on the gallery's education program.

In this workshop:

We explore movement, in the Creative Arts Curriculum and learn more about:

  • Exploring, improvising and structuring movement ideas using the elements of dance and choreographic devices
  • Using movement skills to develop technical skills and practise dance sequences
  • Performing dances and using expressive skills to communicate ideas
  • Ways in which the elements of dance and production elements can express ideas in dance
  • Safe dance, dance spaces and good teaching practice.

This session is for teachers with a range of fitness levels. All you need to bring are clothes to dance in, curiosity and enthusiasm. 

The Seymour Centre


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Claire Gammon

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