Confluence 2018 Yoga and Guided Meditation Workshop: Perth Show


--Ticket sales closed--


In association with the City of Perth, Confluence: Festival of India in Australia proudly presents the Guided Yoga and Meditation Workshop as part of it's free string of interactive workshops. 

Conducted by Gilles Chuyen, a yoga and meditation veteran of more than 20 years, this program will introduce audiences to a range of practical and effective techniques designed to  reduce stress, improve physical fitness, and achieve a greater synchronicity between mind,body, and soul. Having learned under the tutelage of Gurudev of the Karmic Research Centre in New Delhi, Gilles has also worked in close association with the Art of Living Foundation, making him the perfect instructor to introduce audiences to the art and lifestyle of Yoga!  

Register your place today and join us at Cathedral Square as we embark on a physical and spiritual journey with Gilles Chuyen. Who knows, you may even walk out with a lifetime hobby!

Event Link: Sales Closed