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One of the great movies of the 4th Czech and Slovak Film Festival of WA - more information www.CSFilmFestWA.org

Every one of us has experienced the mystery of the odd sock. The “Oddsockeaters” invites
viewers into an amazing world, as it tells the story of small creatures, who live alongside
humans, and are responsible for socks that go missing. The oddsockeaters live on a steady diet
of socks; however, they only eat one sock out of every pair!

The story, based on a legendary book written by Pavel Šrut, describes the life of a small
oddsockeater Hugo, his friends and their biggest adversary, a lonely professor. Hugo’s
grandfather Lamos, who raised him, is nearing the end of his life and therefore Hugo must
overcome his fears, leave the apartment where they lived together and begin the quest to seek
out his recently discovered uncle, the Big Boss.

Hugo draws his courage from what his grandpa taught him – love towards family, good
manners and an adherence to the Oddsockeater’s Ten Commandments. He sticks to his
principles in his new home with the Big Boss and his two crazy cousins, even when he often
gets into tight scrapes by doing so.

Being an oddsockeater is one big adventure. It takes courage to find a new family, protect it
and learn how to coexist with humans.

The film delivers the message that the family is essential. Hold on to and love your family,
don’t take it for granted, regardless of whether you are a human or an oddsockeater.

The Backlot

21 Simpson Street West Perth Vincent 6005, Australia

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Organiser Information

Martina Tlamsova
Czech and Slovak Association of WA

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