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Gut Health, Gut Healing.

You can’t afford to miss this entertaining and informative presentation based on cutting-edge scientific information. It is full of information showing how your gut micro-organisms can determine not only how healthy you are but are the foundations of your health and tell you how to think, feel and act.

In this presentation, Dr Dingle will skilfully show you everything you need to know about healthy digestion, your gut microbiome and what you need to know it to improve your health.

With trillions of micro-organisms, your gut microbiome influences every organ and virtually every cell in your body.

Your gut rivals your brain in its capacity to influence the daily running of your body. It controls gene expression, coordinates your immune system, sends chemical messages to every part of your body and determines if you are happy or sad.

It influences your willpower, even your taste buds, and is linked with virtually every health condition with which we are now confronted. Your gut microbiome has the ability to keep you healthy or ill, happy or sad.

It can influence everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease and diabetes 1 and 2, depression to dementia, acne and psoriasis, eczema and it is the major cause of arthritis. All diseases are influenced by the gut.

However, we are only just now beginning to understand what a healthy gut is and how many of the things in our lives can play havoc with our gut and our health.

This presentation will show you how our dependence on processed food and our modern living impacts our microbiome. Antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, food additives, cleaning products, and even makeup and personal care products are just some of the culprits that can devastate a healthy gut microbiome. But also the role of stress, sleep and activity.

Learn how to rebalance your microbiome which foods, what does work and the importance of lifestyle factors.

This entertaining presentation will arm and empower you with the knowledge you need to rebuild your gut health.

The time has come to be the engineers of our own health.

In Dr Dingles normal optimistic and inspiring manner he is able to make complex concepts sound simple, and covers everything we need to know about the gut and your microbiome.

Dr Peter and Martine Dingle have just completed their two books on the gut microbiome and health. With over 1000 scientific references, nobody knows this topic better than they do.

Who Is Dr Dingle?

Testimonials from previous events...

"Fantastic talk. I loved your energy, and passion. A wealth of information."

- Andrea, Perth

“Wow, wow, wow best describes the information Dr Dingle presented. So much information and so well presented I just want more.”

- Barry Grimes Kingaroy QLD

"So informative, it opened my mind up to so many things regarding gut health that I never considered. I look forward to reading the books and learning even more. Thank you so much."

- Claire, Perth

"Your presentation last Wednesday in Loganholme was splendid. Normally I fall asleep after 25 minutes. But your presentation kept me on the edge of my chair for 105 minutes."

- Micheal Butters 80 year old medical science professor. Brisbane

“Congratulations Dr Peter! You are amazing I totally agree with all those testimonies. Your passion & commitment to educating us is a fire of inspiration! Very thankful indeed, to you and your family. Despite challenges, you keep going.”

- Sue Allen-Fuller. Gold Coast QLD

"As always, I'm so impressed with Peter's ability to present an otherwise daunting topic in such an easily digestible and fun way. Not only have you identified the problems associated with poor gut health, but you've given me implementable solutions - and my family and I thank you."

- Christine, Perth.

“I never cease to be amazed by the information Dr Dingle brings to light to share with us. Every talk is different and he always has new cutting edge information to share with us”

- Rod Betts Toowoomba. QLD.

"The whole presentation was informative and well presented. The two hours passed quickly with Pete's charismatic personality."

- Sue, Perth

“So interesting and informative about the gut. Amazing information.”

- Wayne Fidler Toowoomba QLD

“Fantastic presentation, informative, thought provoking and life changing. All of Peter’s talks leave with a great thurst for knowledge and the simplw ways to heal your gut and health and live a great life.”

- Janelle Insley Toowoomba QLD.

“Thank you Dr Dingle. The two hours just flew and I noticed absolutely everyone was engaged. I have been inspired to nurture my gut bacteria and improve my digestion. Thanks.”

- Mary Ann. Sunshine Coast

“Thanks Dr D. As usual heaps of great, relevant up to date information and terrible jokes! Love it- life changing.”

- Peta Scott Sunshine Coast

“As always great up to the minute information with amazing passion.”

- Caroline Sunshine Coast

Informative and delivered in an entertaining manner which was incredibly engaging. Thanks very much.”

– Renee Sunshine Coast

“Very informative and entertaining. Dr Dingle explained all the concepts so a non science person can understand. I’m definitely going to get to work to fix my gut! Thanks Dr Dingle.”

- Donna Sunshine Coast.

“Very informative, interesting, humorous and accurate. Each time Dr Dingle introduced a new topic I checked it on google from my phone. Dr Dingle is correct.”

- Mike Linacre PhD researcher. Sunshine Coast.