Tickets for this event are currently unavailable



We are now at capacity. Last minute cancellations may mean the portal is open. 

If there is a waiting list tab then we are at capacity. Please add your name to the waiting list. It's very possible that we have some cancellations and we can notify you if a position becomes available.

Please plan your 'drop in' to a 45 minute stay.

This is a ticket-only event. Bring your ticket with you and register on arrival to receive your Lunchbox.

We are about to close the event so from this point forward, new registrations are member only.  We need absolute firm numbers of who is attending.

The event will be conducted in accordance with DHHS outdoor gathering regulations at that time. It is classified as an outdoor group gathering that we must maintain at 50.

We need an indication of the approximate time you will arrive, morning or afternoon, so that we can manage the size of the group.

There's no opportunity for additional non-ticketed people to attend. 

 Surprise 'turnups' will need to be turned away.


'Old Turnstiles'


Old Collingwood Football Ground

Cnr Lulie & Turner Sts


This has been quite a non eventful riding year but things are looking bright and yes the Club has been ticking along in the back ground and we would LOVE you to join in the Annual Christmas celebration to have a bit of fun and allow us to say THANK YOU for your continued support. It's a bit different this year. It's a ride-by drop in event, and you may only be able to stay a short time as we have to manage the group size depending upon the regulations then.

Sunday 13 December from 10am until 2pm

Ride or drive to Abbotsford, there is ample vespa parking on the corner or car parking in Lulie Street.

Complimentary Lunchbox. It's an informal gathering and we'll provide a drink and Lunch Snack for members and spouse/partner. So it's a stand up, outdoors event, and we have to keep the size of the gathering at 50.

A professional photograph: Get your photo taken on your polished up Vespa with a "Santa" standing nearby thanks to our photographer Gazi Seren. Your photo will be available by email or online.

Your thank you gift. And don't forget to collect your Member Gift Bag before you leave.

We have well over 100 members attending over the four hours, so please plan your stay to approximately 45 minutes so that we keep the gathering turned over.

POLICY:Ticketing is essential.

Members are free.

We are about to close the event so from now on for any new registrations it is members only, attending alone.

Any surprise 'turn ups' will be turned away.

This is a Club member event only, so we can't have any extra guests this year. We have to manage this event in accordance with DHHS rules.