Yin Yoga 1/2 Day Workshop Late Summer - Early Bird (ends 27 January)


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Yin Yoga 1/2 Day Workshop: Late Summer


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Come and experience deep rest and relaxation in these 1/2 day Seasonal Yin Yoga workshops for men and women

Yin yoga powerfully works on the Chinese meridian system, bringing benefits to our health, well-being, energy levels and vitality. In Yin Yoga we feel and release tensions that are deep within us. It is a deep meditation where we still the mind, experience greater clarity and peace of mind.

These workshops are designed around the Chinese Meridians, working with the elemental seasons to harness the innate energy, healing and creative potential in our bodies, the seasons of the year and our lives.

In the Indian Summer Yin workshop we focus on the Spleen meridian. Through specific Yin Yoga postures and a Sankalpa/intention setting practice and yoga nidra we nourish and ground our Self, and balance and harmonise our energy in preparation for the changing of the seasons. 

For more information on yin yoga and these workshops, as well as the schedule of future workshops please see my website.

These workshops are now open to men and women. No yoga experience is necessary. Beginners and advanced yoga students are welcome. No yoga experience is necessary. However, Yin Yoga can be seen as a more ‘advanced’ practice, where it requires some mind body awareness. 

Please email or call to discuss if you are interested and not sure if this workshop is for you. / 0431 836 552

Indian Summer - Earth - Spleen Workshop

Date: 10 February 2019

Time: 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm 

Cost: $55 early bird / $65 full (includes Sticky Tickets booking fee)

Where: emBODY Pilates Studio @ the Mill, Castlemaine.

Please familiarise yourself with my Cancellation Policy

Teacher: Jane Mallick

Event Link: Sales Closed