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Cycle aware Mum’s

Is a coming of age and menstrual wellbeing workshop for women, held by Karin Lucia Gisler.

“This is what I wish I had known when I became a woman!”

Cycle Aware Mums is suitable for ANY WOMAN interested in deepening her understanding of natures cycles and to re-connect with the primal wisdom of her own menstrual cycle.

The main topics of this 4 hour workshop:

  • Puberty and the importance of honouring our Rites of Passage (ROP)
  • Wisdom of the Cycles
    • Deepen your understanding of nature’s cycles and how profoundly they affect us (Life Cycle, Cycle of the Earth Seasons, Moon Cycle, Menstrual Cycle, Solar Cycle...) How do they all relate, interact and inform us? How can they be used to increase our health?
  • Menstruation
    • What is happening on a physical, energetic and emotional level throughout a menstrual cycles?
    • Benefits of charting our menstrual cycle.
    • Optimal self-care during our periods.
    • How can we support our daughters to cultivate a positive attitude towards her periods?
    • Red Tent traditions
    • Unravel cycle mysteries and re-connect to the primal wisdom of our menstrual cycle.
  • What did YOUR PUBERTY teach you about being a woman?
    • Each ROP brings significant transformations with it. What we experience throughout this time has a big impact on us and forms our beliefs of what is expected from us in our next chapter of life! What happened during your ROP and what impact did that have on you?
  • Understanding the we, as mothers, are our daughter’s role model!
    • How can we best prepare and support our daughters on their journey to become a woman?
    • Bringing more awareness and understanding to the big transformation teenagers are going through.

I often hear from mothers that they wish they would have had more information about their menstrual cycle when they started to bleed. Getting to understand my menstrual cycle has been a life transforming experience for me and helped me to get to know myself on a much deeper level. Having our period can be a beautiful experience if we know how to honour and take care of ourselves during this time. And of course within our menstrual cycle lies much more amazingness then just our blood time...

What are we NOT doing?

  • We are not talking about challenges between adults and teenagers or any behavioural conflicts.
  • Social Media impacts and sexual wellbeing (unless it comes up organically).

My intention for this workshop is to create a space for open and informative conversations about topics related to coming of age and menstrual wellbeing.

Although I will be sharing information there will still be a lot of space for discussion within the whole group and one on one.

Everyone will be asked to agree to confidentiality before we start our afternoon together, so that we can feel safe to share openly (if we wish to do so).

Bookings are essential!

Pm Karin Lucia Gisler or call 0415 886 113

Investment: $79 / person (or $69 concession).

Afternoon tea provided.

Saturday 16th of February 2019, Start 2.30pm – 6.30pm

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Karin Lucia Gisler is a qualified mentor who leads circles for young girls and parents about Coming of Age and Menstrual Wellbeing.
Karin has completed her mentor training with the renowned Katharine Krueger, funder of Journey of Young Women, who prepares women to lead programs for young girls in holistic coming of age education.
She is also a graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft and completed a year-long educational program for women, cultivating a deep personal and spiritual connection with the Earth and the Divine Feminine.

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Karin Lucia Gisler
Primal Wisdom .com.au

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