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This Mardi Gras, Sydney Queer Atheists' float is Writing Our Future. We will push a giant book and several pages, each illustrating a different quandary our society faces, as we brandish giant pencils in an extremely simple choreography. Costumes will be simple aprons in greens, teals, blues and purples - the fabric will be available to pick up beforehand if you want to make them fancy, or can be assembled with safety pins on the day. What you do to them, and what you wear underneath, is up to you!

Our society is currently in the process of making several big decisions that will deeply affect the future for us, our communities and our world. Sydney Queer Atheists wants to remind us that these choices belong not just to our representatives, but to all of us. We don't have to follow the same old script that favours the interests of the rich and powerful through injustice, inequality and abuse for the rest of us. Together we can write a brighter future. What will we choose?

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Sandringham Gardens fountain


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Kate Alway
Sydney Queer Atheists

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