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FREE 5 days of information and a refresher for you.

Join us on your refresher after you have been “How to be a Healthier You” Workshop or Event over the last 2 years. Join us even if you haven’t been to one and would like to know how to boost your energy and want to know more.

This will be in a closed facebook group, all you need to do it let me know you would like to join us by clicking on this link

So do you remember what were the 6R’s to a healthier you?

We looked at:    

  • How inflammation forms that causes health issues and how these conditions can be improved
  • Exercise
  • Time out for you
  • Foods – what to remove, what to replace

Boost your brain with food – your second brain, so what was it about your second brain again?

It’s all about BALANCE, the right perspective for you, your health and lifestyle.

                                Join us for 5 days Mon 21 Jan to Fri 25 Jan 2019

Where: Closed Facebook group

Time:  Live videos and recording each day

When: 21 Jan – 25 Jan 2019

Investment: a refresher to learn how to boost your energy, and you can feel great about your health. 

Raewyn, The Health Stylist, has a Science degree majoring in Microbiology and is teaching at University. Raewyn also has trained and is certified as a Healthy Gut Advisor. She understands how a healthy digestive system is critical for good health.

Her passion is for everyone to have great health, and to avoid or improve from illnesses, ailments and diseases. It starts with looking after your gut.

It’s all about BALANCE

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