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It’s been a while between albums for Brisbane’s WE ALL WANT TO - however, March 1st sees the release of their fourth long-player, On The Dots. It’s a significant change of pace and sound for this much-loved outfit – a sharp left turn that replaces layered guitars and rock moves with a sparser, more reflective and personal set of songs. Tim (Steward, Screamfeeder)’s songs were largely written in England during his trip for the Grant McLennan fellowship and Skye (Staniford)’s collection is her most fully-realised yet, spanning dark and light moods, daytime melodies and night time laments.

On The Dots is the first album recorded with bass player Scott Mercer and guitarist Arron Bool, whose contributions have been critical to defining the more stripped-back sound of this version of the band. There’s a sense of the local, the personal, the vulnerable and the difficult all buried in the grooves of this record. Sound duties were handled by a host of Brisbane greats: Magoo, Darek Mudge, Bryce Moorhead, Keelan Sanders, Jeff Lovejoy and others.

Join WE ALL WANT TO – now in their tenth year - as they present for you a selection of their new album, as well as some older favourites.

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