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Twilight Canapes - ARRC Anniversary Celebration


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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Autoimmune Resource & Research Centre and raising funds for patient services, resources and research.  Join ARRC for an evening of sunset, gourmet canapes, drinks, music, fundraising activities, fantastic prizes, photo booth etc. Venue is the Northern Red Room, Merewether Surf House NSW 2291 www.surfhouse.com.au Cocktail attire.  $90 ticket also includes:- champagne, wine, beer, soft drink, gourmet canapes & a "Myrtle and Pepper Fine Chocolate" handmade Bonbon dessert. 6:30pm - 10:30pm. RSVP is 6th March.

ARRC is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to supporting people living with autoimmune illness. ARRC receives NIL government funding and relies on donations and philanthropic grants to provided services for people living with lupus, scleroderma, raynaud's, Sjögren’s etc www.autoimmune.org.au CFN 22223  "No-one is (EMU)ne to Autoimmunity"  

30 years ago a small group of Hunter autoimmune patients joined forces with 2 forward thinking doctors, Dr John Glass and Dr Robert Clancy to provide a support and education service for people diagnosed with debilitating autoimmune diseases, Lupus and scleroderma. The service opened its doors in 1989 with seed funding form Warners Bay Lions club. Today the centre, under the direction of Associate Professor Glenn Reeves and Dr Marline Squance, is known as the Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre or ARRC celebrates 30 years of supporting and helping people with autoimmune illness live the best life possible.

In 2019, ARRC continues to provide education and guidance to help people cope better with the many symptoms experienced daily by autoimmune patients. The centre also engages with local health networks and research facilities to undertake and provide research opportunities related to improving diagnosis and management of many different autoimmune illnesses.

Autoimmune illness knows no age, gender or ethnicity boundaries. It is the 3rd major health issue behind cardiac illness and cancer with 1 in 20 people living with one or more of over 80 different autoimmune illnesses. It seems that no-one is “immune” (EMUne) to its impact.

Autoimmune illnesses can affect any organ and organ system and are complex diseases which can have large health impact reducing the quality of life of both the individuals diagnosed with and also their family and friends. Some of the most common systemic illnesses are lupus, scleroderma, Sjögren’s and Raynaud’s phenomenon. Autoimmune illnesses are varied and often occur in clusters with individuals diagnosed with one, two or more different illnesses that may have a crossover of symptoms requiring dedicated care.

Dr Marline Squance, ARRC Executive Officer, said that “the origins and causes of many autoimmune illnesses are not clearly defined and illness occurs when the body’s immune system has a hiccup and starts attacking its own healthy cells and organs. The illnesses often involve chronic inflammation and can range from being mild to life threatening. Early diagnosis and appropriate medical care and support services help management and lessen impacts.

Dr Squance added. “Even with mild illness, autoimmune illness presents the individual with an ongoing daily struggle managing symptoms and preventing long term organ damage. Patients often need to change their routine schedules and lifestyle to accommodate their illness or illnesses, balancing health management of their symptoms and routine life tasks. It is important to learn about their illness and also develop strategies to help ease illness impacts. Adoption of self-management strategies along with traditional medical care has been proven to aid patient quality of life and decrease the illness burden. That is where our centre can help.

Despite the large numbers of people with autoimmune illness and the high life burden, autoimmune illness does not receive adequate financial resources for services or ongoing research into causes, diagnosis and improved treatments. To help address this long standing shortfall ARRC is hosting a celebratory event to both acknowledge the work of ARRC over the past years and also raise funds to support autoimmune patient services and research in the future. The twilight canapes event will be held on the 16th March, 2019 at Merewether Surfhouse more information available at www.autoimmune.org.au.

Merewether Surfhouse

5 Henderson Parade Merewether Newcastle 2291, Australia

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Janine Furner
Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre

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