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CREATIVE RIGOUR is fundamentally about how to be more creative and produce better ideas. This two-hour immersive learning experience is written and presented by acclaimed singer-songwriter, artist/designer and academic, Matthew Baird (aka M.E. Baird) and to deepen the experience we follow with a 15 Toasts Dinner where ideas, debate, philosophy and conversation flourish over fine wine and food.

Creativity and ideas have always been important to societies on an artistic, cultural, philosophical and innovational level. It is crucial to our longevity. More recently it has been claimed that those who are able to think more creatively will be best equipped to problem solve and innovate into the future. However, we also live in a new paradigm of technology, relentless digital noise and device dependence. The digital age has without a doubt has given creativity an amazing new platform and reach. However, the over-reliance on these technologies and devices in their current formats has now been proven to diminish our ability to think intuitively and creatively. Therefore, now more than ever we need powerful and simple tools to maintain and increase our ability to think at a level that goes beyond the surface.

CREATIVE RIGOUR utilises themes and ideas from art, music, literature and design to form a strategy to better understand what is creativity and what is an idea - accelerating your capacity to create and generate new ideas.


Parallel to his music and art/design career Matthew has lectured and held senior teaching positions at various universities and art schools in New South Wales and Victoria for over twenty years. The material and content of CREATIVE RIGOUR is the culmination of years of formal and informal research by Matthew while working as an Educator and Academic. This has led him to explore and then expand upon many well-founded studies and methodologies around creative thinking and the process of generating ideas. He continually uses and tests these concepts and methods on a daily basis in his own creative practice and pursuits.


506 Swan Street Richmond Yarra 3121, Australia

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