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“Seven lucky applicants have decided to quit their miserables lives forever and enter the world of the plastic beach; a hyperreal plastic island where they can escape the incomprehensible pain of the past and live like eternal children in a forever holiday.

They have come here to be happy (and by “happy” we mean happy in a tropical way: with cocktails, happy hours, hug times, dance parties, parades, fashion shows and birthdays ).

The maintenance of happiness requires a strict regime, of pool parties, synchronised dancing, talent shows, inflatables, energy drinks and shots! shots! shots!

You choose what day it is! Saturday? Ok! Monday?

It’s up to you, but no one is allowed not to feel happy or excited!

The applicants connect to the outside world through Instagram Live accounts in order to make private confessions that are projected onto a large screen behind them.”

This event is proud to be part of the Newcastle Fringe Festival.