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Two short plays featuring local thespians! Directed by Isabel Scott starring Ros Burge, Michelle Anderson, Eric Steinke, Jo & Bryce Finney, Deanna Campbell & Alan East. 

Plays include An Agent of Change (rights kindly donated by the author John Bishop) At a bench by a lake, a young research scientist, Stephanie, encounters Vera, the bird-lady. Since the death of her husband, Vera's life has revolved around the ducks at the lake, and she feeds them every day. But this activity is not as innocent as it seems, and soon Vera and Stephanie are in open conflict over apparently irreconcilable differences. An Agent Of Change is a story about age and youth, the eccentric and the rational, and reconciling the needs of the individual with the needs of society.
The other play is Bang You're Dead - Lydia and her boyfriend Marcus rehearse the murder of Theo, Lydia's husband, which they are to commit that evening. When the victim and "perfect witness" arrive all goes according to plan except that Marcus kills Lydia. A ghastly mistake - or are there some deviations from the original plot? In reality Marcus is Theo's boyfriend and Lydia the intended victim all along. 
Tin Shed Theatre

18-20 Wallendoon Street Cootamundra Cootamundra 2590, Australia

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Isabel Scott
The Arts Centre Cootamundra

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