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The Actors Pulse is proud to present; 

Creatively Moving Forward Q&A with; 
Billy Milionis & Mel Bonne

Any question you ever ask can only truly be answered with experience, your own experience. However, we can learn from each other and especially from those who have done or are still doing what we aim to do. We can also learn from the people who we have worked closely with, mentored and observed the practices of successful people.

No matter what stage you are at, there will always be the next stage, another goal, a bigger or more meaningful platform. All of this has a foundation, it is one that we must always nurture and pay attention to.

Billy and Mel will be discussing the foundation, answering questions, as well as a conversation relevant to moving forward with your career. They will speak from their own individual experiences with the intention to help you see what’s possible when you align yourself with what it is you want to be moving forward to. 

To attend you must prepare 3 questions (maximum). These questions need to be emailed to by Friday 25th October with the subject line "Creatively Moving Forward Questions".

The reason for this is that most of you may have similar questions and to make the most out of the night, we want to make sure we don’t double up on questions. We also want you to think about what you really would like to gain some insight on. 

*This event is only open to current students enrolled at The Actors Pulse*

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