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Beginners Psychic Medium Workshop
Would you like to explore and develop those beautiful spiritual gifts you have been given? Is it time to further develop your intuitive abilities? We are all gifted to varying degrees. We often feel and sense those messages and guidance impressed upon us either psychically or in a mediumistic way. Irrespective of whether you are a psychic or a medium (yes they are different) we need to work and study to develop these skills.

Developing these gifts may not mean you wish to work in this field, you may wish to develop an understanding just for you. When we understand ourselves and listen to our soul’s inner voice, we can develop clarity and confidence.

- Discern the difference between mediumistic and psychic energy
- Participate in empowering activities which will assist you in understanding,
building and enhancing your natural gifts.
- Explore chakra energy and activation
- Learn techniques to quieten the mind and become more aware,
confident and trusting in your intuitive impressions
- There will be many topics discussed, also some practical interactive exercises between the students

Sharon strives to encourage students to discover their own natural way of going within when connecting with spirit. From her over forty years of experience, Sharon has found spirit prefers to connect and interact naturally. Sharon is mindful of nurturing and encouraging fledglings to open and discover their own lovely personal way of working with spirit and psychic abilities.

This workshop will include many practical exercises in a safe and harmonious environment. Commune with like minded souls and enjoy a wonderful introduction to the world of the psychic medium. If this resonates with you and you would like to attend, secure your place using the link below.

Maroondah Federation Estate - Room 4

32 Greenwood Avenue Ringwood Maroondah 3134, Australia

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Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee Psychic Medium

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