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Dave Graney and the mistLY are gonna paint up 2019 with a new album called ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?

It's approximately the 33rd (?) from Dave Graney and multi instrumentalist Clare Moore and is a killer set of rock music. Made properly, like they’ve always done.
It has “eight songs done thirteen ways” and ranges from pop gems like “Baby I wish I’d been a better pop star” to their homage to Stones Lore in ULTRAKEEF and then the 8 1/2 minute West Coast epic jam that is served up twice that is Is That What You Did?.

They play music drawn from a lifetime in rock ’n’ roll culture. They didn’t learn their licks in school, they made their own mistakes and set up their own standards. 

Whatever they do, whatever they play, they bring their ace game. Their primo strategies. Their stellar grooves and street wise lyrical fire.

ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? (The title comes from the chorus of “Song Of Life” ) is a classic rock’n’roll album. Classic if you lived through what has become known as ”the classic rock era” as it rolled out new and even broke onto the beachhead and morphed into punk. That’s the direction Dave Graney and Clare Moore have always been coming from. They have spent their lives schooled by and immersed in rock ‘n’ roll culture. Neither attended higher education and they dived in deep and kept swimming. From the Moodists through the Coral Snakes /White Buffaloes to the mistLY