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Dream Drone - Sound Experience on custom Yoga Mat Provided


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Event Details

Dream Drone Sound Ceremony 

Dream Drone at the Sound Life Dome

The Dream Drone® team (Jon Worsley, Steven Mazabow, Si Mullumby, Gambirra Illume and Izi Illume) are excited to present Dream Drone Sound Ceremony at the Sound Life Dome, situated inside the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. This is the perfect place to have the Dream Drone experience.

Dream Drone events harness and deliver a ‘dream like’ state of consciousness. Participants are bathed in a vibrant sea of sound that saturates body, mind and soul. North-East Arnhem Land Yolngu songstress Gambirra Illume weaves song and story into the primordial pulse of the three interweaving Sound of Hemp didgeridoos. 

Coming together for special one-of-a-kind creations, Dream Drone are one of the world’s most powerful sound journey projects. Dream Drone approach each recital in a unique way, influenced by the environment, the people present and the journey that each one takes to arrive in the space.

In 2016 Dream Drone held two sold out recitals at the prestigious Sydney Opera House.

$60 - Custom made yoga mat provided
$80 - Super comfy almost fully horizontal deck chair provided

Date and Time:
1nd June 2019 @ 7.00pm Sharp – no late entry once event has started. Please arrive a little early to do everything in a relaxed way.

Age Restriction:  14+ due to the nature of the experience and the need for silence in the space. 

Length of Event:
2 Hour Experience

We recommend comfortable non-synthetic clothes. Please be conscious to bring clothing that does not make sound when moving. Silence is the essential ingredient of the Dream Drone sound.

Comfortable pillow for your head to rest on and a lightweight sarong to cover yourself.

Our Instruments:
Jon, Steve and Si all exclusively play Sound of Hemp® Black Hemp didgeridoos.

What is Dream Drone?
Unlike any other form of music, the sonorous sound of the Dream Drone is not restricted by frame works of structured rhythm and linear melody. Instead, it functions purely by virtue of spontaneous vibration moving freely through open space, transforming the breath and intent of the player into surging waves of sound that resonate throughout the space, saturating body and mind with its primordial pulse.

The sound of the Dream Drone holds the power to launch the listener on an inner journey of self-discovery that is as unique and personal as each individual on earth. For some people, it's a magical mystery tour of spirit; for others it's a sensual sensory trip through the body; and some simply enjoy the exquisite experience of feeling the warm waves of sound and vibrant energy coursing through their systems.

Sound Life Dome

125 Lang Road Moore Park Sydney 2021, Australia

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Organiser Information

Dream Drone - Dream Team
Steven, Jon, Si, Gamibirra and Izi (Dream Drone)

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before the event, We have fixed costs in the setup which needs to be paid for