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Pray for people of Buddhist Cultural background. 

Christians, please join us to learn how to pray for the Buddhist world and launch the Buddhist World Prayer Diary. 

Like the 90 days of prayer for the Muslim world we now have a dedicated prayer guide for the Buddhist world. Let's join together to pray. 

There will also be a message from our guest of honour, Dr Alex Smith, D Miss, who serves under OMF for 55 years (20 in Thailand), is International Advocate in the Buddhist World and Co-Founder of SEANET, the broadest network for Buddhist peoples. Born in Australia, he now lives in Oregon, USA with his American wife. He has three sons (one a missionary) and four grandchildren. He is a speaker, teacher, trainer, mobilizer, and author of Siamese Gold, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism, chapters in all 15 SEANET Volumes on Buddhist ministry, and many related articles. He is active trainer for SEANET in various Asian countries.

Guildford Anglican Church

2 Bolton Street Guildford Cumberland Council 2161, Australia

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Amanda Mason

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