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‘Working Together as a Band’ Workshop

Hot off the heels of their second east-coast tour, festival artists Milton Man Gogh are presenting a workshop as a part of the Nambour Winter Jazz Festival!

Established in Brisbane in late 2016, Milton Man Gogh is the co-led collaboration between Andrew Saragossi (tenor saxophone), Zac Sakrewski (double bass/effects) and Benjamin Shannon (drums). The trio met during their studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, Australia and formed soon after as an outlet to workshop and perform their own original compositions that no one else wanted to play, becoming close friends over their shared eclectic taste in music and their desire to challenge one another and develop a strong group identity on and off the stage.

A “jazz band” trying not to be a “jazz band”, Milton Man Gogh’s distinct style and approach to music is aimed at bringing together different and disparate communities of music lovers

Join Andrew, Ben and Zac as they talk about their individual approaches to their instrument, ensemble sound and cohesion, improvisation, composition and rhythm and sharing tour stories, bad legal advice and some pointers on how to release some music of your own! Great for young musicians who want to learn to work in the industry, this workshop is most suited to musicians who are looking to add some complexity into their music, but people of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to come and be part of the action!

The workshop takes place in C-Square, Currie St, Nambour. You will be notified of the exact venue closer to the date. Tickets: $47 or $37 for students.

Event Link: Sales Closed