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Radical Innovation in Mining Management

Does Social license, Digital Transformation, Safety and Profitability keep you awake at night? 

This workshop will outline how our deeply held management paradigm impedes achieving Social licence, Digital Transformation and continued profitability. In this session, Arrie van Niekerk will share an alternate way of thinking and doing that delivered great results in 85+ mine interventions worldwide.He will show managers how to createSuperflow in a spirit of Calmness and meet targets consistently. This method delivers an average 20% increase in output, typically within 6 months (without increased capex), using a people-centred intervention that dramatically improves the coordination between departments and across levels of the organisation.This creates the platform from where we can address Social License, Digital transformation, Safety and Profitability.

Workshop outcome

  • What to change: Understanding how our business paradigm shackle performance
  • What to change to: The new paradigm (thinking ) required for success
  • How to cause the change: Knowing what to stop and what to start doing
  • Appreciation of what is possible in different types of mining

Arrie van Niekerk is a renowned mining consultant with experience of all types of mining gained on four continents. He combines his experience as a senior executive in a vertical integrated steel conglomerate, with qualifications in engineering, Theory of Constraints and 15 years of experience working in mining. He is a popular keynote speaker and known for his 3 bottle demonstration on youtube (+100 000 views)

99 York Street, Level 2, Sydney

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Hendrik Lourens

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