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Welcome to the wildest, loosest and funniest show of the 2019 Bris Funny Fest

For centuries comedy scenes all over the globe have been at war over who is funnier. We have the stand-up comedians: the lone wolf, dick-joke writing funny people, who hate the Man (their dad). And we have the improvisers: the teamwork friendship gang, who are hilarious on the spot but are so supportive it’s sickening. They too also share a hate of the Man (right wing politics). A late-night comedy game show will finally determine, once and for all, who really rules the comedy roost.

Join host Chris Martin, lover and unbiased master of both comedic disciplines, as he puts two stand ups and two improvisers against each other, through a series of hilarious challenges, in a battle of comedy wits to finally determine which is the superior art-form. This is...

Jim Carey VS Will Ferrell
Sarah Silverman VS Tina Fey
Rose Matafeo VS Rose Matafeo