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Baccy smoke clouds the musky kickons den on this solemn Sunday morning.

The sesh gremlins hiss at the sunlight seeping through the cracks of your mates garden shed.

My Happiness echoes the hollowed out chamber of desperation, as the last dregs of a goon sack are drenched, and the prospect of a pull more unlikely by the minute.

The fitties hastily turn off their snap maps to avoid being hounded by the drunk bastardness you see before you.

All hope of a loose kickons is lost. An all too familiar occurrence of late...

Who will stand alone among the wreckage?

Who will put their house on the line for the greater good of kickons?

Who will restore kickons to it's former glory?

The Holy Kickons is a comedy play featuring Finbar Martinez-Bennett, Angus McLeod, Will Lambert, and Skye Fellman. Servo Pie is back in the Bris Funny Fest following the success of their first two shows 'Yeah the Boys!', and 'The Pull'. The Holy Kickons explores the fine art of post-modern kickons, and the prospect of a kickons renaissance. With sold out runs in previous shows and over 400 tickets sold over 5 nights, make sure to get your tickets early to avoid missing out. The Holy Kickons runs on the 15th and 16th of August at the Ron Hurley Theatre in Seven Hills, starting at 7:30pm. Early Bird tickets are on sale now, so make sure to get in quick and secure a night of laughs and even a cheeky kickons.