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This potty mouthed duo from the great lands of the Northern Rivers in NSW will have you laughing your way through a trail of observation, story telling and sassy comedy. Join Vanessa Larry Mitchell & John Peacock as they bring the house down in their hilarious debut show.... Proud & Sassy. 

He's as proud as a peacock.... and she's as sassy as a sailor. When Vanessa's comedy was described to her as 'sassy', she took it as a compliment and, well, why wouldn't you? She's standing out in the crowd with her brave and honest humour.... putting the class back into the cattle yards. With an air of confidence that can only be developed through intense self loving, Vanessa brings her stories to life in a way that will have you leave you both shocked and seemingly delighted. John however, always wanted to make something of his name, as opposed to making a name for himself. Proud as a peacock is a thing right? Cleaning carpets provides John Peacock with a lot of time to consider the World. It’s not perfect (the World that is) but John is a man with a plan. One of his inner voices demands he be noticed. The other voice thinks he should pull his head in and grow up. His psychologist suggested balance and creativity would be sensible goals for him this year. He bought a skateboard and wrote some jokes. Proud & Sassy is a magnificent coming together of two 'would-be' North Coast Hippies, as they take you on a journey of musings, wonderings and lessons learnt. 

If experience is the mother of illusion, there's likely to be some magic happening in this show.