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Off the Hook is off the hook!              

Switch your phone off, release yourself from responsibilities, and come on an adventure from meditation to breath, through free movement into stillness.

The flow of the afternoon moves seamlessly from an energy harnessing Didgeridoo Pranayama breath practice into Primal Dance lead by movement facilitator Kitsiri DeSilva. This is then followed by a full power live didgeridoo and drum fuelled ecstatic dance session! Finally the event lands with a vibrant on the floor sound experience.

This half day retreat is powerfully and skilfully lead by Wild Marmalade didgeridoo player Si Mullumby, one of the world’s leading contemporary players. Si facilitates the musical voyage, connecting all through the power of didgeridoo, drums and flamenco guitar. This is music to move to. This is music to feel to. 

Take a moment out of time to rejuvenate and energise body, mind and soul.

This is Off the Hook.

TIX $50

Age Restriction 14+ due to the need for silence




More about Didgeridoo Pranayama:

World-renowned musician Si Mullumby has developed a unique, uplifting workshop using the sound of didgeridoo, meditation and breathwork to cultivate prana - life-force energy. Experience the powerful resonance of the didgeridoo that will guide a collective journey through breath into a grounded, blissful state of energy and clarity.

From meditation on sacred sound of Aum, you’ll transition into the special repetitive breathing technique, held in motion by the vibration of the didgeridoo. Experience the primeval, rhythmic oscillations that will activate the para-sympathetic nervous system to ground and connect you to spirit.

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a workshop that offers all the virtues of playing didgeridoo without all the years that it takes to master. For the first time Si is sharing his life’s work exploring the power of breathing patterns as a tool for actively exploring the inner realms. 

More about Primal Dance:

Since the dawn of time, dance has been an incredibly powerful tool to Celebrate Life, Transform, Heal and express ourselves Creatively.

These ancient tools can still be used and be of value to us today.

This is what Primal Dance aims to do.

Through a Journey of Creative Expression.

Primal Dance workshops provide an opportunity for the individual to explore and express themselves through dance and creative expression. These workshops allow individuals to connect with their body and feelings. 

More About Kitsiri DeSilva:

Kitsiri is a bold and enthusiastic facilitator of programs that use playful creativity as a means of engaging with participants in assisting them to find out more about themselves. With 20 years experiences in Australia and Internationally, Kitsiri has gained the respect and appreciation of participants and groups of many backgrounds and purpose. 

Yoga Lab / Raw Kitchen

181A High Street Fremantle Fremantle 6160, Australia

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Si Mullumby
Wild Marmalade

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