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You were warned - they are coming to get you - Fire & Ice Zombie Apocalypse!! 

You were warned! On the night of the zombie apocalypse, we will be sure to hear some blood curdling screams, eye popping, heart pounding, beastly creatures. Bring your dark play out of the shadows. Unleash your edge and feast on the fringe! Think Mad Max, Snowpiercer, Resident Evil, Blade Runner or Aeon Flux and Kinkify it!

We welcome back to our stage to amazingly sensual sadist, Nexxi!! Who loves electrifying audiences and play partners with her unique style of intense rope, wild theatrics, deep stage craft and thought provoking ideas. Creator of The Bunny Beautiful Project, and lead Bitch of Hitchin Bitches Sydney chapter, Nexxi has been immersed in the Sydney rope scene for over six years as both a model and rigger, and has been tying and learning at Studio Kink for the last 3 years and deepening her skills with some of the world's top teachers. Nexxi is deeply passionate about supporting and encouraging women and diversity in rope, body positivity, and originality. She loves to focus on sharing intimate connection and making every tie a unique experience

The night will be full of the usual thrills, spills, beats and squeals with equipment available for use and talented local’s eager to restrain, zap or redden up your flesh. Many prizes to give away – so come dressed to impress!

Fire & Ice is Canberra’s only public BDSM party. Our play parties are for open minded kinksters and non-kinksters (‘nillas) alike, to indulge secret fantasies, release pent up frustrations of day to day life or relish in the power exchange that can be found in BDSM. Fire & Ice is not a sex party. It doesn’t matter how you identify, your gender or your orientation, Fire & Ice is a safe play space in a friendly, relaxed environment where you can check out the scene and find your kink!

Fire & Ice is committed to combining fun and entertainment where you can explore your deepest cravings. All our events are supervised by experienced Dungeon Monitors to your safety as well as share their knowledge and experience. Our parties are held at FnI HQ – The Basement, Cohen Street Belconnen.

New to Fire & Ice, Canberra kink community or BDSM?

At Fire & Ice we know that it can be daunting coming to your first event – so we offer a meet and greet session hosted by the FnI crew at the venue before the party. The meet and greet and gives those new to the scene or FnI a chance to get to know a few faces before the night begins, as well as an opportunity to learn a trick or two about BDSM before diving in as the lights go down. If you wish to attend this session you MUST purchase your event ticket and then register to secure the free meet and greet ticket (limited spots). No ticket means no entry. There are no meet and greet tickets available at the door. Meet and greet runs from 7.15pm to 8pm at The Basement.

For more information about Fire & Ice Canberra - https://www.facebook.com/fireandicecanberra/

You can also find us at our website - www.fireandicecanberra.com


Tickets for Fire & Ice are available online through Sticky Tickets. Make sure to secure yours online early to ensure you don't miss out. A limited number of tickets will be available for sale at the door, but once they are gone there will be no more so consider pre-purchasing your ticket.

General Admission: $35
Concession Admission: $30 (valid ID must be shown at the door)
Meet and Greet: free (you must have purchased a general or concession ticket to get your meet and greet ticket)

Dress Code

The dress code is apocalyptic, fetish or basic black. Absolutely NO VANILLA street wear! The minimum is basic black! So leave the blue jeans and t-shirt at home – always happy for you to strip down to underwear at the door. Come dressed in the theme and be in the running to win some amazing prizes!!

We encourage you to dress in the theme of the evening. However, if there is no effort then don’t be disappointed when there is no entry. There is a cloak room available at the venue – included in the price of your tickets!

Photography Rules

Please understand that some members of our community would prefer to retain a level of discretion and privacy – and we will respect that privacy. The only photography taken at FnI will be by our very own, D-eye.

D-eye will not take any pictures of anyone on premises without their express permission. Please be aware that pictures from the night will be posted to the Fire & Ice Canberra Facebook group and public Facebook page

Personal photos (including selfies and snapchat) are NOT ALLOWED within the venue. If you want pics of your sexy group of friends or scene, ask D-eye who will be more than happy to snap a few shots. Do not be offended if we ask you to leave if you do not follow the rules.

FnI Rules / Code of Conduct

We are a pretty fun bunch at Team Fire & Ice, however a few simple rules will help make the night a success for all while keeping us safe and full of endorphin's.

As with any event, attendance and/or the way someone is dressed is not consent. Do not interrupt or attempt to join in on a scene/play unless specifically invited to. Do not touch or harass other. Fire & Ice is all-inclusive of any fetish and sexuality, any discriminatory or bigoted behaviour will not be tolerated.

As Fire & Ice is held in a licenced venue, no pink bits, no body fluid, no penetration.

• Strictly and Over 18 event – no ID, no entry
• Dress code applies – No effort – no entry
• Dungeon Monitors will be there to keep an eye on the activities throughout the night. They are easily identifiable with Fluro arm bands and hi-vis pink vests. Please listen to what they have to say, and respect any decision they may make regarding safety and conduct
• This is not a pick up joint. Please respect others’ personal space
• Do not interrupt another person’s scene. If you feel unsafe practices are happening, please see a member of the Fire & Ice Crew immediately
• If you’re too drunk to drive, you’re too drunk to play. Please consider this before picking up a flogger or donating your skin. If you prefer to have a drink then go for it, just sit back and enjoy the shows around you
• Accidents happen – if you break something, let one of the Fire & Ice Crew know about it so others aren’t using unsafe equipment
• If you do indulge in play, make sure you clean up after yourself. There will be cleaning supplies located near each play space
• Don’t hog equipment or toys – make sure to let others have a go too
• Full nudity is (sadly) not allowed. Please keep your pink bits (being anything underwear would cover) covered. This includes (everyone's) nipples
• This is not a sex on premises event. Save it for when you get home

If any of these rules are broken, you will be immediately asked to leave – no exceptions. It may seem like a lot to take in, but this is just to ensure the safety and security of all attendees, and the potential for keeping the events coming in the future.

Hugs and spankings,

The Fire & Ice Crew

The Basement

2 Cohen Street Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia

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Fire & Ice Canberra

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No refund, If the ticket purchaser feels they have special circumstances that warrant a refund, please contact fireandicecanberra@gmail.com If the event is cancelled by Fire & Ice, tickets will be refunded.