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HI, thanks for visiting. I'm doing a solo show in Brisbane for the first time and I refuse to write this description in the third person. You and I both know it's me writing it and, quite frankly, it's an insult to your intelligence if I feign to have a publicity team when in fact I am currently sitting in my pyjamas just really pleased with myself because I've had three nights without an alcoholic beverage.

So listen, I'm 45 and I started comedy seven years ago and that is a significant amount of time and a prime number. So you can relax and stop thinking thoughts like "Isn't it good she's having a go" or that "Isn't it good to see an older woman up there". I won Best Newcomer at the Sydney Comedy Festival in May (and no, I won't stop banging on about it).

I navigate the waters of relationships, family, adulthood and expectations on a leaky old raft I built with my thoughts, such as they are. Climb aboard, we will laugh. I might cover some of the things that keep me awake at night. It's a bit of old a bit of new, no worries.

[Here are some quotes in case you don't believe me].

"She seems to be one of those rare comedians that are so good at what they do, and so comfortable doing it, that they make comedy seem easy. She commanded the attention of the room effortlessly; she evoked waves of laughter without so much as a sweat."

- BMA Magazine, April 2019.

“Chris was in total control from the moment she hit the stage, a comedian with a unique outlook and broad appeal.”
– Justin Hamilton, Head Writer, Show Me the Movie (Network Ten) 2018

“Unapologetic and ruthlessly clever”
– Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour website 2018